How To Determine Tip Thickness of Golf Club Shafts – The Simple Guide for Golfer

 Golfers often ignore the shaft of the golf club. Today, we will reveal to you a fact. The shaft is the main engine of a golf club. The golf shaft contributes to the performance of a golf club. The length, flex, tip thickness, and weight, etc. all affect your golf session.

How To Determine Tip Thickness of Golf Club Shafts

If your shaft is not the clubhead’s right size, you will meet many issues such as the tip being loose, falling out, or not fitting the golf club.

Step 1

Check and ensure there is no debris at the shaft tip. Clean the debris on your shaft tip with a coarse sandpaper or  a damp wipe. This cleaning tip will give the most precise measurement results.

Step 2

Measure the length from the shaft’s tip to the point after putting the golf shaft into the clubhead’s hosel. You can mark this point with a pen.

Step 3

Take off the shaft from the club head’s hosel. Next, remove the coating of the shaft down from the marking point in the previous step. It would help if you used coarse sandpaper or a utility knife for a graphite shaft.

Step 4

We recommend using a gauge ruler or an electronic caliper for quickly determining shaft tip sizes.

Using A Gauge Ruler

Place the shaft tip in each hole of the identification gauge until it is fully fitted. Read the label next to that hole and determine the tip’s size—the range of thickness for shaft tip usually from .270” to .370”.

Using An Electronic Caliper

Place the shaft tip between two hands of the caliper and pull them to fit the tip. Don’t forget to read the digits in the digital display.

Digital Calipers

How To Install A Shaft In A Golf Club – A Comprehensive Guide

Despite the tremendous physical and mental perks it brings, financially speaking, golf can be a handful. Equipment for this sport can be the furthest thing from budget-friendly, especially the club shaft. So, naturally, if by a stroke of bad luck, your shaft is somehow broken, it would be wiser to replace it than to purchase a new club.

How To Install A Shaft In A Golf Club?


Step1: Remove the old shaft

Now, we bet that this is the part where you find yourself stuck and unable to progress any further since you cannot get it to move just one inch. Stop wasting time trying to take whatever left of your old shaft off by force. It is attached to the head of the club with a super thick layer of epoxy, so there is no point bending or twisting.

Rather than that, turn to the power of heat! With a torch or heat gun, carefully apply the heat on the hosel (the part where the shaft is linked to the clubhead if you have any question). Unable to stand against extreme temperature, the epoxy will break. Then, simply with a twist, you can get rid of the shaft you no longer need.

A word of advice: Have some shaft cleaner ready beforehand as you will need to clean out all the remaining epoxy in the hosel thereafter.

Step2: Prepare the new shape

Your old, damaged shaft is now on its merry way to the recycle point, so is this the time to introduce the clubhead to its new partner? Not yet! There is some preparation that needs to be done. The first thing to do right now is to check the included guideline to see if there is any trimming tip. After that, mark the recommended dimension on the new shaft.

Time to flex your craftsman skills! Following the provided guideline, trim the shaft to the recommended measurement. If, by any chance, you are working with a graphite shaft, remove the paint from the tip and be careful not to leave behind any splinter. Otherwise, your club head will be welcoming a new shaft pretty soon.

Step3: Installation

You are going to need some epoxy for this part. Coat the entire inner surface of the hosel with it; remember not to miss any spot. Then, do the same to the end of the shaft, and the only thing left to do is to piece them together. Keep it in mind that you should give the new shaft a few turns while sliding it in place.

Wipe away all the epoxy that has got onto the whole shaft during the installation. After that, lean your club against the wall in a standing position for 12 hours for the epoxy to harden.


How to Remove Rust From Golf Shafts? Just follow my simple guide

Have you been seeking high and low for a brief yet in-depth guide on how to remove rust from golf shaft? Well, search nowhere else, we have one for you! If you think of golf as your life and your equipment as your best buddy, going through our article is a must.

How To Remove Rust From Golf Shafts?

Most shafts are made with steel and titanium to send your ball faster across the field, but when it comes to maintenance, it is the other way around. Golf shaft of this sort is basically a rust magnet. So sick of seeing your shiny shaft get ruined day by day? It is time to pocket these steps.

  • Wash the entire shaft and dry it properly so that no grime and dirt remain
  • Get a lemon from your fridge and slice it in half. Then rub as much juice on the shaft as you can, make sure to grind your fingers against the metal extra hard.
  • Leave the lemon juice there overnight for the acid contained to work on the rust.
  • After rinsing the lemon juice off, put your club in your bathtub (or the largest container you have at home). Then pour in 2 gallons of water and 2 liters of cola, let the mixture cover your entire club, shaft and all.
  • It is now time to get rid of the uninvited rust. Use your scrub brush and proceed to remove it all, focus on the sweet spot and grooves as a large amount of rust might gather there.
  • Wrap your shaft in a cola-soaked towel, and again, leave it there overnight.
  • Wash the sugary liquid off, and dry your shaft. Your work is done!


When to Consider a New Golf Shaft Upgrade?4 Things You Should Know

When you have felt like there is something inconvenient with your golf shaft. It’s time to upgrade the new one 

4 Things You Should Pay Attention When  to Consider a New Golf Shaft Upgrade

You should pay attention to four main things before buying a new goft shaft: material, flex, weight, and height. Let’s look at each thing to figure out what you will need in your ideal shaft.

Golf Shaft’s Material

Beginners might not need an expensive or professional shaft yet as they are just practicing and still unsure if they love playing golf or want to build a career toward this sport or not.

Different levels of players may feel more comfortable using other golf shafts with different materials. For beginners and most players, graphite golf shafts are more favorable often as they are less heavy than steel shafts.

For this reason, a graphite shaft makes it easier for you to swing while playing golf. Moreover, graphite shafts are a better option for those who have slower swing speeds compared to steel shafts.

Steel shaft, on the other hand, has its own benefits. For low handicappers, this shaft is ideal as they can feel their shots more.

We cannot always decide if graphite shaft or steel shafts are better because different people will find one more convenient to use than the other.

Golf Shaft’s Weight

What exactly is the weight of a shaft? Normally, the weight of gold shafts are somewhere around 40 to 135 grams.

To choose the right weight shaft for yourself, you need to understand if you have slow or fast swing speed. If you have a fast swing speed, then either a lighter or heavier shaft is right for you. But when you have a slow swing speed, it will be better to pick the more lightweight shaft.

Golf Shaft’s Height

Depending on the player’s height, they will need a longer or shorter shaft. Normally, taller people should choose a longer shaft so they can perform the best while playing golf.

In other cases, some people might be shorter but have longer arms and also need to choose the longer shelf for themselves. The best way to know if you need a longer or shorter is to pay attention to your current shaft.

Is your shaft too short or too long for you? If you have felt anything wrong with the length, then you can use the more suitable one.


People who are taller or have longer arms need longer shafts

 Golf Shaft’s Flex

The flex of your shaft is simply how much the shelf can bend. You can realize your proper flex after playing golf for a while or ask the professional if you want. For example, when you hit the ball around 250 yards, you should choose a shaft that bends less; and when you hit it at 175 yards, then a shaft that can bend more is more suitable for you.

In case you want to know in great detail, you can see the video below:



After reading about the 4 things above, you should pay attention to before changing shafts, you would know that this question is more personal than general. Pay attention to your needs and feel right when you are using your current shaft, then you will see what you should look for in your next one!

2021 Best Driver Shafts – Top Rated Choices

Do you agree with me finding the best driver shafts that fit for your swing are difficult ? It takes a lot of time and effort. Let me save you time. It only takes a few minutes to read this article and you will find the right driver shaft for you.

2021 Best Driver Shafts Review – Top Rated Choices

I look at golf as a pastime, something to play as I clear my mind and also bond with friends. For some, it’s a competitive game, others a profession, but like any other sports or recreational activity, one thing is for certain. We need quality tools and equipment to not only elevate our game but to enjoy and appreciate it more.

It’s easy to look past the need for a good quality driver shaft. But if you know what to look for and take advantage of then you just might reduce the number of strokes it takes for you to get that ball in the hole.

So, why do I need a good quality driver shaft? Aside from possibly improving your game, there are tons of benefits that one might reap from only the best driver shaft available. One aspect that I would look at is getting the right fit.

A lot of golf players do not recognize that the right driver shaft, one that fits their swing might just elevate their game. It could cater to improving the necessary skills and continuously improve upon it.

I for one thought that a lot of my missed hits when playing golf is due to my swing. But luckily for me, I thought wrong. Recently I discovered that a huge factor that affects my overall game is because of a driver shaft that does not fit my swing. And even if I’m someone who plays golf for leisure that changed a lot of things and just blew my mind.

And take note that we’re only getting started. That’s just one factor why you should get a good quality driver shaft. Worried about your budget? Fret not, as the title suggests, we’ve listed only the best driver shafts available from multiple categories including if you’re on a budget. So scan through our review and you might just find what you are looking for.


1. Dynamic Gold True Temper (4.6 out of 5 stars) – The #1 Best driver shaft 

Our top pick as the best driver shaft that’s worth your money. Versatile, has good weight and feel to it, and most of all, made with top-quality material.

Key Features:

  • Variable Wall Technology: Gives exceptional feel as well response
  • Taper Tip: .355
  • Length:5 in. – 41 in.
  • Wedge Thru One Iron flex: RG300 – 127g
  • True Temper: For a low spin profile and a low launch that’s best for quick tempo as well as moderate golfers


  • None-stiff design and meant for aggressive golfers
  • Consistent as well as flexible design
  • Great compression upon impact
  • Customizable and versatile
  • Multiple options for the iron


  • Not that perfectly suited for players with a slow swing


If you’ve been shopping around looking for an ultra-reliable driver shaft then your search might just be over. There are a lot of reasons why this Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft is out top pick and one of them is dependability.

Definitely, an upgrade for your irons this driver shaft is well-balanced and promotes low flight and allows you to control it better aiming for a steadier shot every time. This model might just be the most popular and successful release by the brand.

This model is actually preferred by professional golfers because of its slightly heavier weight. The low flight trajectory then enhances spin control due to this driver shafts consistency. It promotes a stable swing right on impact which I myself appreciate.

This driver shaft’s weight which was not sacrificed for quality is a testament to the brand’s unending research and application of the latest technology for much-needed improvement. It’s not just versatile but convenient too as it will fit in any of your golf bags.

But also please be wary that this model does not come with grips. But if you value reliability this driver shaft that is actually ideal for golfers of all skill levels should be your next purchase.


2. Project X New HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 : The #2 Best driver shaft 

If you are thinking of having a driver shaft that can take on an aggressive swing then I think this Project X New HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 might just give you what you’re looking for. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but in my opinion, it will all be worth it.

Key Features:

  • Color: Gunmetal grey base with the black HZRDUS logo
  • Weight: 60g
  • Driver length:50 in.
  • Uninstalled shaft material: Graphite
  • Shaft Flex:0
  • Stiff Flex Tip Size: .335 in.
  • Butt Diameter: .600 in.
  • Spin: Low
  • Launch: Low


  • Great aesthetics
  • Very versatile and will match fast swing types
  • Perfect weight for a variety of swings
  • Made from intuitive engineering


  • A few golfers may not appreciate this model’s feel


Introducing the Project X New HZRDUS Smoke 6.0, one of the rather accurate, stable, low spin driver shaft on our list with the laser-like low launch. That’s why it is on top of our list and the second-best driver shaft.

Many believe including me that this is an improvement from the old Project X New HZRDUS Black. Armed with its signature bio-hazard logo, as mentioned above, this driver shaft is visually attractive. Noting like some added confidence in your swings, right?

This model is actually a lot more user-friendly than its predecessor. But we need to talk about the feel of this model as while I am raving about it others seem to be reluctant to praise it. I like this model for it has a smoother feel to it and that’s actually quite important to make this driver shaft versatile enough even for beginners.

This has a lower torque than the Black model so if you’re looking for some more kick then you may need to look for another model.



3. Project X LZ 6.0 Stiff Flex Driver Shaft: The #3 Best driver shaft 

Top-quality driver shaft for an affordable price designed for maximum speed plus spin properties through each flex.

Key Features:

  • Project X LZ: Graphite Driver Shaft with grip
  • Adapter: Ping G30
  • Flex: Stiff 6.0
  • Weight: 56 grams
  • Torque:8 Degrees
  • Fits all: Ping G30 Drivers, 2016 G Drivers, and G400 Drivers
  • Sizing: One size fits all


  • More energy transfer per shot especially longer ones
  • No decrease in performance even with the thin midsection
  • Control and precision promoted by the reinforced tip plus butt section


  • Not perfectly suited for high swing players


From a slightly expensive Project X product to something affordable, introducing the Project X LZ 6.0 Stiff Flex Driver Shaft. This one I of course believe is a steal for its price.

This model is infused with the newest technology for driver shafts given that the brand itself is already known as an acclaimed producer of iron shafts. I’m of course talking about the Loading Zone technology.

Clocking in at only 56g, this model has a thinner midsection that reduced any stiffness but at the same time still keeping the butt and the tip section robust. This, in turn, makes sure to maximize the speed of your swings and hits plus gives it spin properties in accordance with the flex.

Golfers who are quite familiar with Project X products and liking them so far will appreciate a significantly added punch to this model. The Loading Zone or LZ technology also gives this driver shaft its distinct feel.

There’s firmness for sure thanks to the butt and tip sections but I can describe the feel as active and crisp. That active feel makes it precise. The backswing with this model is firm and stable. And while not having a massive release you can tell through its impact that it’s got a great snap to it.

Remember, all of that at a very affordable price point.



4. Matrix OZIK X5 White Tie 50 Driver Shaft 

For a premium feel to your swings take a gander at this high launching driver shaft from the Ozik line.

Key Features:

  • White tie model: High-launching, mid spinning driver shaft
  • Grip: 360 Golf Pride Tour Velvet
  • Other models in the series: Black Tie and Red Tie
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Length: 46 in.
  • Weight: 57g
  • Tip: .335 in.
  • Butt: .610 in.
  • Tip Parallel:0


  • Very nice feel to it
  • Significantly improved stability
  • The best model from this series hands down
  • Professional looking driver shaft


  • Does not have an explosive kick to it


This Matrix OZIK X5 White Tie 50 Driver Shaft is part of a series including the Red Tie and the Black tie models. So far, this one has caught my attention and I think it’s the best of them all. Admittedly so, it’s a bit pricey than the rest of the driver shafts from our list but if you’re someone who’s got a bit of cash to spend on premium goodness then this might just be the best option for you.

I am so impressed with the stability of this driver especially when the smooth feel that’s known for the rest of the products from the brand is still present. This driver shaft is famous for its high-launches paired with moderate spin. And that’s all thanks to the soft butt section along with its medium-firm tip and midsections.

This model’s profile can work for those with a smoother tempo to their game. It’s also quite versatile as it has the potential to accommodate any swing speeds. Overall, most golfers who have wielded this driver shaft including myself attest to how easier it is to swing.



5. Accra New Tour Z 85 Driver Shaft 

This mid-priced driver shaft is a consistent high-performer with a low spin. A favorite of the mid-handicapper that has grown popular as of late.

Key Features:

  • Grip: 360 Golf Pride Tour Velvet
  • Flex: M5
  • Mass: 90
  • Balance Pt.: 23
  • S3 Launch: 10.5
  • Butt Ei: 90
  • Mid Ei: 56
  • Tip Ei: 33
  • S3 CPM: 282
  • Torque: 3.2
  • Butt OD: 0.6
  • Tip OD: 0.335
  • Length: 46
  • Parallel: 4


  • Consistent ball flight
  • Dependable shape per swing
  • Lightweight shaft with great swing speed
  • Sleek design with black and silver finish


  • Almost no explosiveness to its kick


The Accra New Tour Z 85 Driver Shaft looks to be the simplest of all the driver shafts we will feature. Aesthetically, the model does not really gain attention but it more than makes up for it with quality.

In a nutshell, The TZ5 series is a combination of all the best attributes of the past models. What you get in addition this time is the latest in high modulus materials that in turn, promises to create a smoother feel.

This driver shaft also yields low launches plus low spins that this particular series has been known for. Once you’ve tried this particular model, you might notice that the mid-section is slightly smoother too. That aspect is combined with a lower balance and a lower torque to maintain a low spin.

This model has the potential to work for all levels of golfer beginners, experts, and pros alike. If you’re someone who appreciates low spinning shafts that’s infused with only the latest composite materials then this might be for you. That’s enhanced performance and playability at an affordable rate.



6. Aldila 2019 New NXT NV 55 Driver shaft 

A popular graphite shaft that’s both smooth and stable. This driver shaft is moderately weighted and a favorite by slow singers.

Key Features:

  • Adapter: Aftermarket Callaway
  • Grip: Men’s Standard Golf Pride tour Velvet
  • Length:5 in. with the club head
  • Optional: Golf Pride Tour 2G or the Winn Dri-Tac Grip
  • Fits: Rogue, Epic Flash, Epic, 2016, 2015, 2014, XR16, Big Bertha Driver


  • Perfect for slow swingers like senior golfers
  • The mid-level shot keeps the ball within the tee box
  • Terrific distance due to softer flex


  • Not for stronger and higher speed swings


For those who’s got the tendency to swing slow then this might just be the right driver shaft for you. This one is only moderately weighted so it should feel right. Remember graphite shafts? Yep, this one is a popular version.

This model generates more clubhead speed and has that mid-range impact. If you’re looking for control then I highly recommend this driver shaft plus this model is probably the high-distance shaft that might fit your style.

It’s got a tapered look that is responsible for a consistent feel as well as performance. This driver shaft also doesn’t have any dead areas which is a testament to its quality engineering and make it a rather responsive product.

This driver shaft is infused with 20 layers of aerospace-grade and ultra-thin prepreg that helps eliminate any unwanted gaps. The cosmetics on this model also now appeal more to a global audience and has a lighter option.

The brand boasts that this unit should stand the test of time. This driver shaft though might not be for stronger and high-speed swings but if you are looking for consistency and more distance then this just might be the driver shaft for you.



 7. Project X New HZRDUS Yellow 5.5

The ultimate driver shaft to deliver insane distance for the strong and aggressive golfer but not in any way sacrificing control and stability.

Key Features:

  • Type: Driver and Fairway Wood
  • Length: 46 in.
  • Uncut Weight: 63g
  • Flex: 5.5
  • Tip Size: .335
  • Shaft Material: Graphite with a unique construction plus a counter-balance feel


  • Improved distance and clubhead speeds
  • Great feel that yields low launch and spin
  • Not so aggressive players won’t be overwhelmed by it either


  • Limited weight range


When it comes to a unique design and attention-grabbing colors nothing comes close to the third product from Project X on our list, introducing the Project X New HZRDUS Yellow 5.5 driver shaft.

This driver shaft is meant for medium as well as high swing speed players. That’s fast swinging golfers but with a smooth tempo to it. A signature characteristic for this model is that its back weighted which gives golfers a higher than normal balance point but still promotes increased clubhead speed meant for longer drives.

The HZRDUS Yellow is a low launch as well as a low spin shaft that is meant to provide golfers with better control plus ball speeds using better energy transfer as well as more mass for the clubhead. It’s one of those driver shafts that smart golfers can take full advantage of.

With the new tapered design, this driver shaft is more stable. The feel also gives players much-needed precision. Remember that the low launch and spin this driver shaft yields will not feel harsh at all. I for one need that balance control in my swings and am also an admirer of its attention-grabbing design which the brand is known for.



8. Project X New Even Flow Blue 6.0 driver shaft

A driver shaft that can help your hits go the distance with an unmatched explosion and kick.

Key Features:

  • Flex: 0
  • Weight: 67g
  • Torque:7
  • Spin: Mid
  • Launch: Mid
  • Length: 46 in.


  • Amazing distance from the tee
  • Solid feel as well as response
  • Easy setup for the right length
  • Explosive mid-point kick


  • The least good in terms of quality from all Project X driver shafts on our list


If your game is built upon long-distance hits and aggressive power moves then the Project X New Even Flow Blue 6.0 might just be the driver shaft that you are looking for.

This model will not shy away from helping you with those high-speed swings. It’s got a solid feel to it, gives an immediate response, it’s flashy, and it looks great which is a trademark by the Project X brand.

Needless to say, this driver shaft is built for speed. And you know what I think, that Even Flow moniker is just appropriate for this model because it is very consistent. The energy transfer upon impact is because of how efficient this driver shaft is.

The shaft has a mid-kick point that delivers yardage that might exceed your expectations. This model also is perfect for lower-handicap golfers because even with distance this driver shaft still yields a higher spin.

Explosive and one of the most affordable from such an awesome brand.



9. Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 70 Driver Shaft

A brand new Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 70 shaft which is designed for Tour pros. It offers maximum consistency and performance by  NexGen Micro Laminate Technology  (new, even thinner high performance carbon fibers combined with today’s advanced fiber resin technology )

Key Features:

  • Model: NV 2KXV Blue 70
  • Flex type: Regular | Stiff | X-Stiff
  • Weight: 73g
  • Torque: R:4.3 | S:3.8 | X:3.0
  • Kickpoint: Mid
  • Length: 46″
  • Color: Black with Blue Trim
  • Tip Size: .335 in.


  • Consistent and boring ball flight
  • Added 15 yards to my drive.


  •  The wrench is not included


What separated the original NV® from the other shafts available was what some referred to as its ‘perfect feel’.

Installed with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip

Choose your flex and driver adapter

Customized specs available on request!

Authenticity is guaranteed

Need a different grip or customized length? Just send them over a message when you are checking out and they will be glad to CUSTOMIZE the shaft to your needs

The wrench is not included



10. New Mitsubishi Bassara E42 X5ct Driver Shaft

A driver shaft that’s not just meant for beginners but something affordable too.

Key Features:

  • Length: 45 in.
  • Uncut Flex: Lite/Senior Flex
  • Tip Size: .335 in.
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Weight: 50g
  • Launch: Mid / High


  • Very affordable
  • Perfect for slower swing speeds
  • Length is perfect for control


  • Not meant for serious golfers


From a popular brand, we introduce to you the New Mitsubishi Bassara E42 X5ct Driver Shaft. Fitting to be the last entry on our best driver shaft review this one is best for beginners, not only because it is affordable but also user-friendly.

The shaft itself is moderate but has a certain reliability to it. Naturally, it’s made to be both flexible and lightweight too. It is super friendly for those with slower swings like say a novice but also applies to senior golfers due to its unique design.

Distance and control ain’t’ a problem as well because of its appropriate length. It’s a model that will help you gain confidence in your stroke and might just be the right one to improve upon your game.


Truly these are the best driver shafts that are worth your money. Not only are they durable, reliable, accurate, and versatile but also worth your investment. These driver shafts cover multiple skill-levels from beginners to experienced golfers and so there’s no point to think twice or be intimated and it’s definitely time to elevate your game.

Best Driver Shaft Buyer’s Guide

These are important aspects to you should watch out for when buying your next driver shaft.


The most popular options for materials used in driver shafts are steel and graphite. But also, you’d see brands employing multiple materials for a shaft.

Steel is the most popular material used for driver shafts. It’s what professional golfers prefer too. Those who value accuracy as opposed to distance might elect to use this type of shaft. Two types of steel shafts are common, the stainless steel shafts and then you have the carbon steel shafts.

They are not very expensive as compared to its rival the graphite shaft but steel shafts are actually stronger, durable, and firmer. Aside from accuracy, this type is preferred by experienced players because of its precision as well as forceful impact.

Graphite shafts, on the other hand, are configured a bit differently than steel shafts. While still super popular amongst golfers, they are actually more expensive but less durable. But it’s got a lot of strong points too.

The inherent weight of graphite shafts allows for the brand to then manufacture varying lengths of it. And in turn, this helps cater to novice players as they practice their game. The longer and lighter graphite driver shafts produce longer drives and help increase the swings for beginners.

But take note that the longer the driver shaft the more you sacrifice in the side of accuracy. Professionals also employ graphite driver shafts. But they make use of the shorter ones for the sake of accuracy. These are also the heavier models but definitely are the best driver shafts out in the market.

Multi-material shafts essentially combine steel and graphite to take advantage of their properties. You can have a lightweight driver shaft because of the graphite but then have the firmness of steel and in varying lengths.

With this type of driver shafts, you’ll have more control, more distance, and less vibration. These driver shafts are however still quite new and many aspects of it still need to be under scrutiny.


The weight of the driver shaft will affect your swing speed. Driver shafts weigh between 36 to 140 grams and slight differences in weight can produce a varying result for the one who wields it. If you are a slow swinger then you might need a lighter driver shaft.

And that would be a direct contrast with what pro-golfers would prefer for they swing the hardest. So again, the key for the right shaft for your swing speed is the right weight.


The next important thing is the feel of your driver shaft. Feel and response goes hand in hand. Feel is all about rhythm, it’s all about your familiarity with the shaft as if you’ve been wielding it for a long time already.

Your swing, part of it psychological, part of it based on your actual skill-level is determined greatly by the feel of the shaft in your hands. How does one driver shaft feel on a backswing or a downswing? These are the questions that you might want to ask yourself when picking a new driver shaft.

When it comes to response, we are talking about how the driver shaft responds as you swing it, and by the time of the impact. Essentially, this is how your driver shaft reacts to the elements and the golf ball. It can determine your entire mood and affect your game in both a positive or negative way based on how the driver shaft’s response.


When you talk about distance, you talk about strategy. Golf is not just about closing in the distance between you and the hole, it’s about being accurate too. Sometimes, the more you chase distance the more you lose accuracy and vice versa.

The driver shaft’s length, weight, and flex are all factors determining the distance of your shot. So, choose wisely.


Consistency refers to the overall build and quality of your driver shaft. Some of the best driver shafts utilize technology that makes their products firm enough yet won’t compromise on say the weight of it.

We’re also talking about durability and reliability. Something that would be worth your investment, time, and energy. A driver shaft that would transform your game hopefully for the better.

Best Driver Shaft :Frequently Asked Questions

What shaft do I need in my driver?

You need to find the right combo of weight, flex, alignment, taper, etc. for your swing.

All in all, when it comes to choosing a driver shaft, you need to base your decision on feel. There is no one-size-fits-all solution – you may have to play with several shafts to understand what’s too much for you and what feels just right.

Also, keep in mind that with time, as your swing speed increases or technique improves, you may need to replace your shaft to accommodate your current skill.

How much does a driver shaft cost?

This depends on what we are looking at.

Cheap graphite shafts from no-name brands will probably cost you $40-$50. These shafts might be fine for a beginner, but they won’t live long and will offer limited room for improvement.

In contrast, high-quality shafts from reputable brands are going to cost you $150-$200.

One crucial thing to understand with golf club shafts is that pricier doesn’t always mean better. If you mismatch your swing and the shaft specs, you may be seeing even worse performance than with a cheap knock-off shaft!

So apart from price, you should always pay attention to what you are dealing with and try to pick what you think will work the best for your current needs.

What happens if the shaft is too flexible?

Among the possible effects of a super-flexible shaft are:

  • The ball may fly higher for the loft. For a proper loft, the flight distance of the ball may decrease. However, if your loft is too little, the shaft’s flex may actually bring the angle up toward a more optimal trajectory, ultimately increasing the shot distance.
  • The golf ball may start tending to draw.
  • You might feel the shaft to be more solid in the hand due to its vibrations.

What exactly you will experience depends on a bunch of factors, including but not limited to your loft or swing speed.

What driver shafts do the pros use?

Among a few popular options on the PGA Tour are:

  • Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue (used by Abraham Ancer and Sergio Garcia).
  • Mitsubishi Tensei CK White (Collin Morikawa and Francesco Molinari).
  • Mitsubishi Diamana DF (Christian Bezuidenhout, Danny Willett, Erik Van Rooyen).
  • Mitsubishi Diamana D+ series (Justin Rose, Paul Casey, Tiger Woods, Shane Lowry).
  • Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi XTS (Adam Scott, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Tommy Fleetwood).
  • Graphite Design Tour AD-DI (Victor Perez and Sung-jae Im).
  • Graphite Design Tour AD-BB (Matthew Fitzpatrick and Xander Schauffele).
  • Project X EvenFlow Riptide (Billy Horschel and Henrik Stenson).
  • Aldila Rogue Silver (Chez Reavie, Kevin Streelman, and Matt Wallace).
  • Fujikura Ventus Black (Daniel Berger, Rickie Fowler, Patrick Reed).

These won’t necessarily work for you, but they are worth a look at the very least.

Will I lose distance with a stiff shaft?

This is entirely possible. When the shaft is too stiff for you, the ball is likely to fly lower and shorter for any given loft. This is because the stiffness of the shaft may not allow you to achieve the optimal launch angle.

Does shaft flex affect distance?

Yes, shaft flex does affect distance when you pick the wrong flex for your swing. Both too flexible and too stiff shafts could decrease your ball distance. Conversely, if you figure out what’s right for you and pick accordingly, you will be able to squeeze the most out of your swing.

If you are not sure what kind of flex would be optimal for you, you should seek advice from a pro when trying the shaft out in the hitting bay.

But all in all, when in doubt, you should prefer more flexibility. In some cases, even if the shaft is too flexible for your swing, you may actually get some positives (like outlined earlier).

Whereas with stiff shafts, if the stiffness isn’t right for you, you are going to see worse shot distance.

Does a heavier shaft increase distance?

Yes, but only if you have a fast swing speed.

If your swing speed is slow, then there’s no point in switching to a heavier shaft – you will start swinging even slower. The distance of the shot depends on ball speed, so if you start swinging slower, your shot distance will decrease.

With that in mind, rather than place your bets on a heavier shaft, you should try to polish your swing and get the most out of what you have currently. A heavy shaft is going to make matters worse if you cannot swing the club fast.

Best Driver Shaft :Conclusion

That’s it for our reviews and buyer’s guide!

As you have probably guessed, there is a lot of trial and error involved when picking driver shafts. You may have to go through a dozen shafts before you find something that works perfectly for your swing.

Whether you are shopping online or locally, you should find a way to try the shaft out before buying it. Pay a visit to a local shop and see what they’ve got there. Alternatively, if you know someone who has the shaft that interests you, ask them to lend the shaft for some trial.

If you are looking to replace your old driver shaft, then think about what you would like to improve in it and go from there. If you are looking for your first-ever driver shaft, then go for something that you feel will work for you.

Newbies will never find the absolutely perfect driver shaft on the first try, so they shouldn’t bother much. But do try to get something that you think will allow you to get started.

In the end, follow our tips, research more if necessary, and you should be able to find a good driver shaft in no time!